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Fisher Snow Plow Lights


Mill Supply does not have specific lamps for the Fisher plow. We direct you to our plow lamp and strobe categories. There you will find lamps that are universal in design with 1 or 2 stud mount. You can also order specific wiring harnesses for your vehicle with daytime running lights. If you want high intensity lighting, Meyer makes the Nite-Saber 2 lamps that uses a 4 bulb system. These lamps not only shine on the road but direct lighting toward the curb. We also have lamps that are under $100.00 for the set when we run them on sale during the fall season.

We have a variety of strobes to meet just about every ones needs from 'I got to get one because it's the law' to "I want to get one for safety reasons'. Remember, the more you spend, the better and brighter the strobe. With the new LED strobes you can change your flash patterns every week for the entire winter season. Lots of fun and they certainly bring attention. We realize you will not want to keep that strobe light on top of your truck all the time (besides it might not fit in your garage with it on) so we have a variety of strobes that are magnetic mount. They use the cigarette plug for power with a built in switch on the plug insert.