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Meyer Snow Plow Lights


Mill Supply carries the original 'Nite Saber I and Nite Saber II' plow light kits with all plug adaptors for Meyer Plows. These light kits are standard equipment for all new Meyer snow plows. They have a smaller profile giving a better view of the entire work area. Light output is actually improved with a state-of-the-art 4 headlight system that projects light to the road and the curb. Replacement bulbs are easily replaced through the back of the impact-resistant housing. If your plow is an older plow and you are just going to run one season or don't want to spend the money on Nite Saber lights, Mill Supply has other light options that will mount to your Meyer plow. Be sure to look at our sale items pages as usually we run sales on aftermarket light kits. Click here to go to our on-line store.