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To make your life easier we have included a wiring diagram for the Meyer plow. From the battery to the pump assembly to the switch. This clear illustration may be printed to help you wire your plow correctly. This diagram may not be reproduced for resale. Mill Supply is not responsible if you wire your plow incorrectly.

Beginning in 2005, Mill Supply added Mold Board replacement parts for all steel Meyer plows. Parts include: outer and inner ribs (A, B, C, E), pivot weldment (D, F), and runner brackets (G). Mill Supply lists parts for the TM 6.0, TM 6.5, ST 7.0, ST 7.5, C 7.5, C 8.0, C 8.5, C 9.0, HM 9 and HM 10 plows. These parts are special order and require welding skills to mount. If your plow does not say what it is, our catalog shows pictures with dimension to help you with recognition. Click here to go to our on-line store.