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Snow Plow Light Kits


Mill Supply offers a wide selection of snow plow light kits. We stock quality replacements for whatever kind of plow you have. Here are some of our more popular kits:

80888 Economy Halogen Snowplow Light Kit

Compact lamp design features a glass high/low beam headlamp and integrated park turn lamp. Kit includes right and left assemblies, wiring harness and hardware kit.Popular on Meyer plows.

SS-645-WK Halogen Lamp Kit

This kit consist of a low-profile, rectangular design Hi-beam/Low beam headlamp with turn signal/parking lamp incorporated into an impact resistant polycarbonate case. The headlamp mounts with a 1/2" dia. swivel bolt for easy adjustment and contains 1-HP6054 sealed beam unit, 1-#1157 turn signal bulb and 1-#1156 parking lamp bulb. Each kit contains right and left snow plow lamps, heavy duty selector switch, and complete installation instructions. Popular on Western and Fisher plows

80893 Halogen Lamp Kit

Universal Snow Plow Lamp Kit with 9007 halogen bulb with complex reflector technology to increase visibility. Made of high impact polycarbonate and steel construction with glass headlamp lens. Uses standard 1157A park/turn bulb. Mounts on one 1/2"-13 stud. Includes switch and wiring harness kit.

65-020 Universal Halogen Headlamp Kit

Kit consists of a pair of powerful dual beam halogen headlamps with turn signal/parking light housed in a high-impact polycarbonate case. Headlamps secured with double-post mounts. Includes universal wiring harness.

81-091 & 81-092 Nite Saber Replacement Lights

We offer these aftermarket Nite Saber replacement kits so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg if your light kit breaks. We offer these single bulb (81-091) and dual bulb (81-092) at roughly half the price of the corresponding Meyer Nite Saber Light Kits.