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Snow Plow Test Kit


Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System)

Timbren SES improves the suspension performance of all pickups, vans and SUVs. Timbren suspension kits starts to work only when called for extra support insuring stability, improved handling and comfort. Easy to install, the Timbren SES provides exceptional maintenance free and trouble free performance of your vehicle.

Today's on and off road vehicles are well engineered with fine suspensions, built to do the job for which they were designed. However, many vehicles are overloaded, with snow plows, salt spreaders, etc., or drivers find themselves on bad roads or operating under unusual conditions where the suspension needs help. Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs were designed to meet these needs. Our Timbren SES kits help to eliminate sway and bottoming out, get rid of axle hop, and give an even, level, stable ride, both while loaded and unloaded. Timbren SES kits are simple to install and require no alteration to your present suspension.

Timbren SES kit is mounted between the frame and the axle of light duty trucks or between the frame and the leaf springs of medium and heavy duty trucks. The Timbren suspension kits work in conjunction with the existing suspension to improve the ride and to protect the vehicle against the effects of overloading.